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Vaccination and Informed Choice


In my clinical practice I am not endorsing non vaccination I am supporting choice, and FULL disclosure. Because of the mandates of the AAP and the mandates put forth by the state of Connecticut, I made the decision approximately 3 years ago to discontinue offering vaccines as a “service” in my practice. Connecticut put fourth mandates under the guise of “obamacare” stating that parents must choose between  ALL vaccines or NONE. This was not a comfortable position to be put in, as a provider who has studied vaccination for nearly two decades. So, my hand was forced and I decided to offer supportive care to clients in the absence of vaccinations.  This is not a decision that had come easily and is not right for everyone but, in the absence of philosophical choice, parental judgment or personal decision to delay or avoid vaccination, I was forced to choose a side.

Here are some of the reasons why we believe parents deserve choices in healthcare decisions. Let me first point out this post is NOT Reasons Why You Should Not Vaccinate Your Child. Real pro and con discussions are rarely fairly portrayed in the media and usually twisted with fear based information that plays on the heartstrings of parents trying to protect their child; consummate unbiased research on the health and well being of vaccinated versus un-vaccinated children is not available, and when questioned many physicians dismiss parental concerns over side effects or adverse reactions. Here are some things to think about that could be complications to vaccinations as stated on the vaccine inserts. • The “long-term consequences of preventing natural exposure to agents covered by vaccine are not known.” • Vaccine side effects are largely under-reported because the passive nature of the legal system puts the onus on the victim to make the connection, file extensive paperwork, and report the issue.  The medical model of care rarely correlates vaccines and reactions.

Here is just a small list of potential side effects:

  1. Increased risk of respiratory infections after receiving the flu vaccine

  2. seizures

  3. food allergies

  4. asthma

  5. eczema

  6. sensory integration issues

  7. auto immune disorders

Parents can always choose to vaccinate…but never choose to UN-vaccinate • No vaccine is 100% effective. Natural immunity is clearly much more effective in the body • Fully vaccinated children (and adults) can still get the infection the vaccines are designed to prevent.  In fact, in recent outbreaks of whooping cough and measles, the majority of those affected were fully vaccinated.  Researchers have also speculated that some forms of whooping cough are becoming resistant to vaccines. • Vaccines are the only type of “medicine” not put thru the rigors of clinical trials before being released to the public. • Every doctor that purchases vaccines pays into a “vaccine injury fund”.  Compensation in 2013 was nearly $2.5 billion to injured parties who said their health issues were caused by vaccines. • The mechanism of herd immunity is a myth. “You can’t expect your neighbor to wear a rain coat and you don’t get wet in the rain”

• Being unvaccinated does not make the individual the “person Zero” because if vaccines work like the manufacturer recommends the unvaccinated would be the only one at risk. • Most vaccines are proving to provide less durable immunity than previously thought, meaning disease can still thrive and spread in fully vaccinated populations. • Many ingredients in vaccines are toxic, harmful and would never be allowed in levels found in vaccines in our water supply, food or medications.  (These include: Aluminum, egg protein, antibiotics, formaldehyde, MSG and thimerosal, to name a few. The take home message is make an informed choice about the health of your child and find practitioners that will allow you to parent your individual child in the way you see to be the most beneficial. With every decision there are risks and benefits, be sure to weigh them out and make the best decision for your individual child.


Contact the office for a consultation for vaccine education. 860-572-7711

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