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I graduated from Nursing school with the notion that I was the modern day “Florence Nightingale” I was truly prepared to save the world. Turns out so were millions of other nurses, I graduated in the largest nursing GLUT in recorded history. Nonetheless I was certain I would work as a nurse, and sure enough I got my dream job!! For 5 years I worked in the ICU caring for adults and children with Cardiac Conditions  and Trauma. I LOVED MY JOB and I was good at it. Over time I began to see Hospital Care as something else, there was less time to talk with patients, and more time dedicated to reports and computer “paperwork”. My AHhaaa moment came  one day when I was taking care of a newly admitted gentleman who had unexplainable chest pain, his third admission for the same complaint.  I dutifully fetched his admission papers from the fax machine (yes fax machine LOL) and as I was recording the orders I also received his discharge papers. There was no counsel offered to him, no resolution to his pain, just simply a “well it’s not your heart, follow up with your primary, here is a pill for reflux”, For me I thought there has to be a better way to maintain health than to show up at a hospital in extreme pain.

Shortly after my epiphany I had discovered the beauty of Naturopathic Medicine, how buy tuning into your body and being mindful of food and exercise (an a few other components) that each and every human could heal themselves with the power within them. Funny that I felt like I had “discovered” naturopathy because my Maternal grandmother always lived her life like this, she was one of the biggest influences over my life. My Grandmother always showed me food WAS medicine, she grew comfrey in her garden which we made into tea to put on scratches and burns, we baked bread, she NEVER had sugar in the house and always had an answer for every question I ever had about everything. So when I told her I was going back to school for Naturopathy she said “you need a school to teach you how to use what God has given us?” I answered yes….

Naturopathic school was challenging for every reason but academics, but I made it through and  met and married my husband in the meantime. We decided upon graduation to open a practice together and soon after we discovered we were pregnant. We lost that baby and the one after him only to be sent in a tailspin of WTF is wrong with me??? After some soul searching and a ton of lab tests, I am a doctor after all…LOL I realized the very condition I treat patients for I HAD…MTHFR!! so I “Physician Heal Self-ed” and shortly after my daughter was born at home, into the hands of my husband.

Three years later our son arrived at home on his due date in an easy and blissful water birth.

After his birth my health declined. I struggled to have the energy to take care of 2 kids, my practice and my own health. I consulted every expert, took every test, and took every vitamin….nothing helped. The end result was I had “Raging” leaky gut and an allergy to an enzyme that was used in MOST of the supplements I WAS CONSUMING!! So I stopped taking everything and started my own path to healing…food. FOOD is my medicine and maybe yours too.

Over the Next 4 years I followed and Anti-Inflammatory Diet and cooked just about everything we ate. I substituted, whole foods for processed crap and began to collect and record the recipes. Out of this ingenuity my first cookbook was published!

Since then I have evolved into a PALEO diet and continue to take care of my body and teach my children that food is either your medicine or your poison. Now I lecture on this very subject and have plenty of energy for kids, exercise, my practice and my community.

If your story sounds like mine check out some of my blogs or my books. I’m willing to bet you already know the answer and may just need a little guidance to steer you in the right direction!

Happy Healing,
Dr Kendra

More about Dr Kendra

Dr. Becker has integrated a Doctor of Naturopathy and Advance Practice Nursing Degree to provide the best possible care to her patients. Dr. Becker understands the importance of integrating conventional and holistic medicine and the importance of combining therapies appropriately.


Prior to becoming a physican, Dr. Becker spent 10 years practicing as an ICU nurse for both adults and children, specializing in cardiac surgery and cardiac anomalies, before studying naturopathic medicine.


Dr. Kendra Becker believes in healing through genetics and specialties in treatment of conditions such as asthma, autism, allergies, and eczema, as well as fertility. Dr. Becker integrates both a conventional background with homeopathic, naturopathic, herbal, and dietary treatments.


Dr. Becker lectures on various topics throughout the nation, has made various TV appearances to discuss the importance of naturopathic medicine, and is a member of various organizations.


Dr. Becker is the mother of 2 healthy children and lives on a farm .