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Childhood is such an exciting time. Our toddlers enter childhood at about 3 and exit at about 13. In that decade they go from babies to near adults. Because childhood covers such an expanse of time and development there are many milestones and significant events that each year would require a long dissertation. The same is true with illnesses and chronic conditions that we now see in this age bracket. 50% of the children in the USA carry a chronic disease diagnosis. Issues can develop over time and appear in childhood after years of exposure to toxins, medications, high intervention births and low apgar scores can require treatment at birth that can have implications throughout childhood and can manifest as conditions such as allergies, asthma and autism. If these conditions are not addressed early then they can have lifetime implications. A good foundation for kids is always to live as natural and intervention free as possible. In general, I recommend nutritional supplements to start around age 3 or shortly after weaning. 


My suggested list: (links)

Of course, doses will vary based on the size and needs of the child

Vitamin D & K – for immune support ad proper tooth and bone formation

Vitamin C- for allergies and healing

Fish oils (chewable or swallow)- for healing, anti- inflammation and neurological development

Chewable B vitamins (chewable is a must as the digestion of B vitamins starts in the mouth!)- 

Probiotics- help reduce allergic inflammation in the gut, help re-seed the gut and help boost and balance the immune system manufacturing that happens in the gut.

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