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Immune Boosting Herbs

Ugh its cold and now everyone is getting sick!

The dairy, and sugar consumption has stopped, stress removed, wet socks applied, and sleep improved yet still some nasty virus has taken hold in your body!


Remember, unlike bacteria, fungi, and parasites; viruses are not living organisms. This means they cannot grow and reproduce on their own, sadly, they need your cells to do it! Once A virus gets into your cell it reproduces quickly. Because viruses are not alive, they cannot be killed. However, a strong and healthy immune system is well equipped to stop viral replication. If your immune system needs a boost to fight off a virus take a look at some of my favorite herbs that are efficient viral “killas”.

Boosting and balancing the immune system with a multi-faceted approach is the best way to work against viruses.

Vitamin D is a great first step for viral defense. As well as a potent anti-inflammatory! Vitamin D can be especially helpful in fighting the flu!! As a general rule, any maintenance dose of Vitamin D should be doubled for several days at the onset of a cold.

Another common cold remedy easily found in local markets is Zinc. Zinc has gained notoriety for its potent anti-viral capabilities and is easily found in the form of lozenges, liquids or powders. Zinc is a powerful mineral for immune support, but about 25% of the world’s population is Zinc deficient. Whether Zinc is used as maintenance immune support or in the throes of an illness, be sure the Zinc is in a form the body can utilize.

Beta-glucan is best known for cancer support due to its ability to modulate the immune system. But Beta-Glucan also provides powerful anti-viral support by enhancing the abilities of infection fighting white blood cells. During a viral infection the immune system becomes imbalanced and as a result systemic inflammation can further reduce the body’s capabilities to fight off an infection. Looking to add Beta- Glucan to your medicine cabinet check out ImmunoBiotic.

Monolaurin is a compound that has broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties. It is this reason that coconut oil is a great antimicrobial for the gut lining. Coconut oil contains lauric acid which is converted into monolaurin in the body. Research proves Monolaurin is particularly helpful in disrupting lipid-coated bacteria and viruses. This includes HIV-1, influenza, rubeola, and the herpes family. When bodies are fighting chronic viruses, they can get “distracted” leaving the individual vulnerable to acute illnesses. Using Monolaurin can help keep the immune system in the proper balance, while eliminating chronic viruses.

According to wide range of research, Echinacea may reduce your risk of contracting a cold by over 50%. Echinacea has also been shown to help reduce the recurrence and complications of respiratory infections, which can be a progression of a cold-causing virus. Echinacea can be consumed in a tea, capsules or liquid forms. It is a potent anti -viral fighter that can be used to reduce the duration and intensity of viral illnesses. Echinacea has been used for centuries as both a food ingredient and a medicine.

Consuming garlic can provide a wide variety of health benefits, which include reduced heart disease risk, improved mental health and enhanced immune function! Potent components of garlic are highly effective in fighting off viruses (and bacteria too). Allicin the potent compound found in garlic contains Sulphur. These compounds have been shown to boost the disease-fighting response of white blood cells in the body to enhance viral extermination in the cases of colds and flu!

Whatever your preference for healing are always know the Nature has a cure!!

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