After a year or approximately around walking age our babies become toddlers. These little humans are  now walking, using basic words and making it very clear what their opinion is. At this age, children love to play and explore. They begin to show independence and feel much more comfortable venturing away from a dear support person. Some toddlers may play pretend and begin to develop a sense of self and independence.  Toddlers also begin to understand the need for items and use. Toddler temper tantrums are common as it is typical for kids this age to know what they want and are not able to express their needs fully, may have temper tantrums around this age, when they grow frustrated trying to communicate how they feel.

Toddlers learn how to negotiate, and they usually start with NO, so any compromise at this age is a win. While toddlers may progress at different rates, the following are some of the common milestones your toddler may reach in this age group:

  • Scribbling

  • Climbing

  • Speaking in sentences 

  • Squatting, peddling a bike, and Running

Common illnesses seen in this age group are Speech delays, Ear infections and more severe respiratory infections, also trauma is common in toddlers, so it is common to see broken bones, or stitches for lacerations at this age.

There are many solutions for speech delays range from an evaluation of tongue and lip ties, taking a look at diet, hearing testing, possibly a toxicity evaluation for heavy metals or nutrient deficiencies.

Ear Infections are common in mainstream pediatrics largely due in part to a diet full of allergies and processed foods. Too many antibiotics can increase the incidents of ear infections, tummy troubles and sleep disturbances as well. According to the AAP treating ear infections with antibiotics initially increases the incidence of infection and antibiotics. Using home remedies and natural immune boosters to avoid infection which is typically viral at that age is the best medicine.

Respiratory infections can get more severe at this age. Little airways and lots of exposure to new viruses and bacteria can make an immune system work so much harder during growth and development. In these cases, the removal of dairy and sugar is a good start. Finding an amazing chiropractor can help keep the spine and immune system in alignment and shorten the length of illness. Also common home remedies work well at this age. Herbs and supplements can also be supportive during these illnesses. Wet socks (link here) are always a go to treatment, Epsom salt baths can soothe and relax the body and calm breathing and coughing, hot herbal teas like chamomile and mullein can be soothing. Homeopathy can work for fevers and coughs too.

Kid Playing with Wooden Toys