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Stay on track with your healing diet during the Holidays!!

The holidays can be a stressful time, both financial and emotional. Added to that is your new regimen of a healing diet to improve your lifelong health. Remember there gazillion foods that don’t contain any of your triggers! Focus on those and remember keeping with your healing diet will be worth it in the end.

Here is a list of Hacks to get you through the holidays

  1. Plain turkey is gluten free! Be sure it has not been seasoned or marinated with something that contains an allergen or trigger.

  2. There are plenty of stuffing’s and gravies that can be made allergy free too!

  3. Even though ham is usually gluten free, it can be very inflammatory and should be avoided during times of stress.

  4. Try a beautiful slow cooked brisket. There are many traditional recipes that avoid many of the typical allergens.

  5. Traditional mashed and roasted potato, turnip or sweet potato recipes are well tolerated on most healing diets.

  6. Avoid or modify some traditional holiday recipes that contain allergens. Many wonderful substitutions are available to fool your family “not yet diagnosed”.

  7. Potato, onion and egg (or egg replacer), salt and pepper to taste make an amazing allergy free potato pancake for anyone on a healing diet.

  8. A great egg replacer is chia seeds or flax seeds mixed with water.

  9. Just a reminder most Vegetables and Fruit are safe for healing diets and should be plentiful on your holiday table.

  10. Be mindful about cross-contamination issues. Remember when healing the body can be more sensitive to allergens or “offenders”. Gently remind your family chefs to be cautious with cooking and utensils.

  11. Always plan to bring something to eat to the party. It’s an opportunity to point out “healthy food” can be delicious (and you are sure to have something to eat).

  12. Better yet! You host the dinner and be sure to tell your party goers exactly what to bring, most people appreciate the direction and organization tips!

  13. Include “new and improved” tradition, a mild veer away from the typical but still about family, food and fun! It takes the focus off “your healing diet).

  14. To simplify holiday baking, use simple mixes or no bake style desserts, most of your dinner guests will be too full to eat dessert anyway.

  15. Remember food is for nourishment and eat until you are full not stuffed.

If all else fails remember

  1. Walnuts are a good antidepressant

  2. Oatmeal contains natural calming properties

  3. Almonds balance blood sugar

  4. Blueberries strengthen your immune system in times of stress

  5. Dark Chocolate protects your heart, and stabilizes your mood

Holidays are a temporary experience, staying on track to healing leaves you with a lifetime of benefit!

for more recipes check out my blog or book!


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