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Magic Socks

A drug free method of stopping a cold or flu is called  “MAGIC socks.” This treatment, has been commonly prescribed by physicians for hundreds of years.  Magic socks, involves putting on ice-cold socks and … sleeping in them! I know, I know!! Try it. This treatment increases the systemic circulation and decreases congestion in the head, neck and throat and chest. It also has a sedating action, and many patients report that they sleep much better during the treatment. It can be used as a treatment for babies who do not sleep well at night, those that cannot sleep due to stress or minor anxiety without any stuffy head symptoms. This treatment is also effective for pain relief and increases the healing response during acute infections. All in all nature’s panacea, and the best part is…  the healing power of nature is free. This treatment works by enhancing the body’s immune system.  The body reacts to the cold socks by increasing circulation, which also stimulates the immune system.  Stimulating the immune system, with the cold socks, systemically enhances the entire system, and enhances the battle against the nasty virus or condition, minimizing the suffering and length of the condition. Magic socks can be used in conjunction with other treatments to treat inflammation, sore throat, headaches, migraines, nasal congestion, upper respiratory infections, coughs, chest colds and sinus infections. Magic socks do not interact with medications or other treatment modalities. It’s best to start the wet sock treatment on first day of an illness, ideally repeating it for three nights in a row, if symptoms are still present. People with chronic conditions or a compromised immune system should consult with a doctor before starting the wet sock treatment. After one night of magic socks, in the morning your socks will be dry and your symptoms gone. Magic Socks are only one component of an integrated treatment plan. Magic Socks Recipe Supplies:

1 pair of cotton socks-preferably white                                                         1 pair of thick wool socks                                                                       Cold water Directions: 1. Soak the cotton socks in cold water. Wring the socks out thoroughly so they do not drip.

2. Make sure feet are warm before application of cold socks.  This is very important for the effectiveness of the treatment. It could be harmful if your feet are not warmed first.

3. Place cold wet socks on feet. Then cover with thick wool socks.

4. Go directly to bed. Avoid getting chilled.

5. Wear the socks overnight. During the night, you may wake up sweaty. If so, change into dry pajamas, but leave on the socks.

6. Cotton socks will be dry in the morning. This information is for educational purposes only. Consultation with a licensed health care practitioner is recommended for anyone suffering from a health ailment.

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