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Gluten and the Whole Body

Gluten Sensitivity is very real. If you don’t test clinically positive to Celiac Disease you could still have issues with digesting and assimilating gluten. Gluten can have huge implications in the body; it impairs the absorption of beneficial vitamins and nutrients, creates inflammation in the gut lumen and circulatory system, and can affect the nervous system by way of balance, stability, mood and sleep.

Here is a list of symptoms NOT related to the digestive system that can be caused by gluten:

• Craving high sugar foods • Difficulty keeping weight normalized • Iron deficiency anemia • Frequent headaches • Sinus congestion • Migraine Headaches • Vertigo • Poor memory or Brain fog • ADD or ADHD • Depression • Anxiety • Neuropathy • Irrational irritability • Mood swings • Restless leg syndrome • Muscle & Joint Symptoms • Joint pains with or without activity • Chronic muscle aches or spasms • Fibromyalgia • Autoimmune arthritis • Bone pain • Fatigue • Infertility • Thyroid issues • PCOS • Asthma • Yeast infections • Eczema • Psoriasis • Dermatitis Herpetiformis • Gall bladder problems • Elevated liver enzymes

Some common issues with Gluten that are often missed by conventional physicians include: • Gluten can cause vitamin B12 deficiency • Excessive gluten consumption can cause both excessive weight gain or loss • Lab tests for gluten sensitivity may not be accurate and tend to deliver false negatives • Gluten can cause asthma symptoms • Gluten can cause iron deficiency anemia • Gluten can cause seizures • Gluten can cause migraine headaches • Gluten can cause thyroid disease • Gluten can cause liver damage • Gluten can cause IBS • Gluten can cause Ataxia • Gluten can cause many different skin diseases • Gluten can cause nerve pain and neuropathy • Gluten can cause gallbladder disease • Gluten can lower testosterone in men